Union Valley Parkway: A deeper look by James Pepper  In 2001, the Santa Barbara Board of Supervisors staff prepared an “Executive Summary” of the Union Valley Parkway extension project. At that time, the project had already been in work for almost 40 years (the report says "mid-1970's," but that is 10 years off). As the report states, the parkway was originally intended to connect Highway 101 with Highway 1, but at the time of this report, just seven years ago, the parkway had been chopped off at Highway 135 (Broadway). The staff report gives an excellent history: A parkway by any other name . . . The following illustrates just how long this project has been around and how it has shape-shifted over the years—decades, actually. Notice that in 2001, the parkway was to end at California Blvd. (Highway 135). [For the complete report (only 3 pages) Click here. (19kb)] Funding swap In late 2006, a plan was hatched to “swap” federal funding of $3 million with other funding and re-target that money to the Union Valley Parkway, or in government-speak: To read the 11-page document, Click here. (335kb) Oops! In mid-2007, the Santa Maria Times published an article titled “Orcutt parkway plan hits speed bumps.” This is where the original plan to connect Highway 101 with Highway 1 fell apart, due to a little critter called a tiger salamander—well, not the actual creature itself, but rather tiger salamander “habitat.” For the nail-biting story, Click here. (17kb) More to come? You bet! "The Union Valley Parkway (UVP) has been envisioned by the County as an east to west connection from Highway (HWY) 101 to State Route (SR) 1 since the mid- 1970’s. It is a key roadway link in both the Santa Maria’s circulation plan and the County’s Orcutt Community Plan."