Lakeview Promenade: "The project is located on the northwest corner of South Broadway (State Highway 135) and Skyway Drive, in the Santa Maria. The 9.4-acre site is bounded by Skyway Drive to the south, South Broadway to the east, Mercury Drive (proposed to be renamed “Villa Drive”) to the north, and Auto Park Drive (proposed to be renamed “Lakeview Promenade Drive”) to the west. "The proposed project is a mixed use commercial, residential, office, and entertainment project on a site totaling 9.4 acres. The project development is delineated as follows: 266 condominiums; approximately 40,000 sf of retail space; approximately 14,000 sf for restaurant use; approximately 14,000 sf for use as a spa/fitness/physical health care facility; and a 250-seat movie theater." --from the Draft EIR Lakeview Promenade Draft Environmental Impact Report by chapter Cover (57kb) Table of Contents (75kb) 1. Executive Summary (140kb) 2. Project Description (1.77mb) 3. Environmental Setting (not posted on City site) 4a. Transportation (212kb) 4b. Air Quality (245kb) 4c. Noise (168kb) 4d. Hazardous Materials (129kb) 4e. Utilities (125kb) 4f. Issues not addressed (88kb) 4g. Climate Change (138kb) 5. Cumulative Impacts (92kb) 6. Growth Inducing Impacts 84kb) 7. Significant Unavoidable and Irreversible Impacts (79kb) 8. Alternatives (115kb) 9. References (91kb) Appendices a. Notice of Preparation (5.6mb) b. Traffic and Circulation Study (3.09mb) c. Air Quality Technical Analyses (239kb) d. Supplemental Data (407kb) "The Mahoney Ranch South Project site is located on the west side of the City of Santa Maria. The proposed project would result in the conversion of 319 acres from its current agricultural use to residential, commercial, and public facilities uses. The proposed project would include construction of up to 1,405 residential units, a 65,340-square-foot neighborhood commercial center, and a 16.8-acre school/neighborhood park site. Of the 1,405 residences, 727 units would be single-family homes, 479 would be multiple-family homes, and 199 would be high-density multi-family units. Residential lot sizes for the 727 single-family homes would range from 5,000-square-feet to 7,000-square-feet in area. Structural height limits would conform to the City's Zoning Ordinance Title 12 provisions. The proposed project would also construct a 65,340-square-foot neighborhood commercial center, with structures up to 40 feet (three-story) high, and a 16.8-acre school/neighborhood park site. " --from the Draft EIR Mahoney Ranch South Draft Environmental Impact Report chapters & appendices   Cover: Table of Contents; Executive Summary; Summary of Potential Impacts Which Can Be Mitigated (52 pages) (985kb) Chapters 1 - 3: Introduction; Project Description; Environmental Setting (44 pages) (7.34mb) These sections are on the City website: Chapters 4.0 - 4.3: Environmental Issues; Air Quality; Biological Resources (57 pages) Chapters 4.4 - 4.10: Cultural Resources; Hazards and Hazardous Materials; Hydrology and Water Quality; Land Use; Noise; Population and Housing; Public Facilities (92 pages) Chapters 4.11 to 4.15: Recreation and Parks; Transportation and Circulation; Utilities and Service Systems; Geologic Resources; Other Issues (75 pages) Chapters 5 to 9: Alternatives; Other CEQA Concerns; Persons and Agencies Contacted; References; List of Prepares (46 pages) Appendix A & B: Initial Study and Notice of Preparation; Mahoney Ranch South Specific Plan Amendment (150 pages) Appendix C & D: Air Quality Data; Biological Resources (81 pages) Appendix E: Archeological Survey (18 pages) Appendix F: Environmental Site Assessment (117 pages) Appendix G: Noise Technical Data (9 pages) Appendix H1: Traffic and Circulation Study (85 pages) Appendix H2: Traffic and Circulation Study (100 pages)   Santa Maria Airport dreams and schemes: Airport plan grounded,” a Santa Maria Times article by Janene Scully, gives you a terrific overview of the twisted and tangled history of the airport’s attempts at development. Click here. (35kb) Airport golf course? Here are two features in one PDF document describing clearly what the Airport Board is trying to do in its long-running battle to build a golf course. Click here. (6.3mb) Annexation: “City, suburb or status quo?” is an article from the Santa Maria Times that explores the touchy subject of the annexation of Orcutt by the City of Santa Maria. The City has nibbled away at county territory until it is literally at the back fences of Foxenwood Estates. Click here. (17kb) Archived Documents in PDF format Old Town Orcutt Community Plan: (Split into 8 parts for downloading ease!) 1. Table of Contents (584kb) 2. Introduction (839kb) 3. Community Development (1.22mb) 4. Public Facilities (1.9mb) 5. Resources and Contraints (1.37mb) 6. Key Sites #1-19 (2.41mb) 7. Key Sites #20-all (2.21mb) 8. 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